Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last Friday, we released 18 envelopes into the wilds of Asheville, North Carolina; two have returned. I wanted to post pictures of their contents today, but I can't seem to find a camera! Which is ridiculous, I know there are at least two in this house. For now, I'll just describe their contents, and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Envelope #1 contained a business card and two stickers from Man's Ruin Tattoos. I would imagine this is the envelope dropped off there when my friend got her tongue pierced!

Envelope #2 contained the original note about what to do, with three pieces of colored glass taped to it. One blue, one clear/light green, and one clear with blue and orange in it. Very cool! I didn't keep track of where exactly these envelopes were left, but I think in the future I'll make notes on them; it would be cool to keep track.

So, that's it for the moment, keep an eye out for pictures! And, of course, if you want to send something in and you don't find an envelope (because very few people will, no matter how many we make and leave in random places!), feel free to email me at for an address to send it to. You can send whatever you want that fits in an envelope, as many things as you want, multiple envelopes, even--it's all up to you!


  1. Hey, Jo, now that you've got your camera, I expect to see pictures! I'll give you a couple days, i realize you are packing up your life right now :P