Monday, January 7, 2019

What's In An Envelope?

That is the question we hope to answer. What can be fit into an envelope?

There's the obvious answer: Letters.

There's also photographs, drawings, poems, stories, pages of magazines, collages, mix CDs...and a million other possibilities we haven't yet discovered!

We're going to be distributing envelopes around the world, wherever we happen to be, and hoping that you all, citizens of the world, will send us something interesting. Anything interesting!

If you would like to send us something, email for an address to send it to. We exist in the United States and in Germany.

As for who we are, well, we're just two people hoping to find interesting bits and pieces of other people's lives in our mailboxes!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Envelope Numero Dos

So my camera happens to be half way across the country right now, but I will post pictures as soon as I get it back. This person sent me two advertisements for Full Metal Alchemist the Movie. It's a movie now? I personally am not a fan, but hey, whatever floats your boat. Or lack thereof, in my case (I don't have a boat).

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Naomi's Got a Letter!

Joy and elation! I love getting mail, even when I addressed the envelope myself. This person wrote a note on the back of my original, and I cannot for the life of me read his/her handwriting. I do apologize, anonymous letter-writer. From careful study I believe I have deciphered most of it, tell me what you think?

I would be an atheist if not such a skeptic
and so appreciate God more than most holy ghost,
and wrestle with [garbled gibberish] heavenly hosts.

Even without the words I couldn't read, it makes for a fairly good ponder. I think, if I'm interpreting this correctly, this person is saying that it takes more faith to be an atheist than to believe in God. I, for one, agree. I can't walk out my front door without running into the fingerprints of God. What do you think? Agree? Disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Last Friday, we released 18 envelopes into the wilds of Asheville, North Carolina; two have returned. I wanted to post pictures of their contents today, but I can't seem to find a camera! Which is ridiculous, I know there are at least two in this house. For now, I'll just describe their contents, and I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

Envelope #1 contained a business card and two stickers from Man's Ruin Tattoos. I would imagine this is the envelope dropped off there when my friend got her tongue pierced!

Envelope #2 contained the original note about what to do, with three pieces of colored glass taped to it. One blue, one clear/light green, and one clear with blue and orange in it. Very cool! I didn't keep track of where exactly these envelopes were left, but I think in the future I'll make notes on them; it would be cool to keep track.

So, that's it for the moment, keep an eye out for pictures! And, of course, if you want to send something in and you don't find an envelope (because very few people will, no matter how many we make and leave in random places!), feel free to email me at for an address to send it to. You can send whatever you want that fits in an envelope, as many things as you want, multiple envelopes, even--it's all up to you!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Things One Might Choose to Put in an Envelope

This is a small list of things that may fit in an envelope just to get you started thinking about what you might want to mail us (Jocelyn and I). I'll start with the obvious and go from there.

  • letters (about what? to whom? in what language?)
  • poetry
  • photographs (of whom? or what?)
  • newspaper clippings
  • magazine pages
  • band-aids
  • leaves
  • dirt
  • flowers
  • pages ripped from your journal of days you'd rather not remember
  • glitter
  • fingernail clippings (eww. please don't.)
  • hair (see note on fingernail clippings)
  • apple seeds
  • price stickers
  • fabric scraps
  • small-ish bits of art (paintings, drawings, wonder and imagination)
  • recipes
  • money
  • mix cds
  • travel brochures
  • postcards
  • comic strips
  • grocery lists
  • yarn
  • love (how does one fill an envelope with love)
  • the picture you drew of a whimsical oar (I'd like to see it.)
  • knick knacks (flat ones)
  • bits and pieces
  • forgotten things
  • toast
  • a toaster (a flat one. less than an ounce, unless you'd like to add postage.)
  • collages
  • paper clips
  • rubber bands
  • staples
  • other miscellaneous office supplies
  • pictures of mailboxes
A Note: please be classy. This is a community art project, not a chance to be lame by filling your envelope with x-rated materials. Not cool.