Monday, January 7, 2019

What's In An Envelope?

That is the question we hope to answer. What can be fit into an envelope?

There's the obvious answer: Letters.

There's also photographs, drawings, poems, stories, pages of magazines, collages, mix CDs...and a million other possibilities we haven't yet discovered!

We're going to be distributing envelopes around the world, wherever we happen to be, and hoping that you all, citizens of the world, will send us something interesting. Anything interesting!

If you would like to send us something, email for an address to send it to. We exist in the United States and in Germany.

As for who we are, well, we're just two people hoping to find interesting bits and pieces of other people's lives in our mailboxes!


  1. This sounds interesting - will pass it along

  2. Just noticed you've time traveled to 2019!

  3. Thanks! And the time travelling is to keep the post at the top of the page for now :) I don't know another way to do it!

  4. Sounds like fun! I put lots of things in envelops.

  5. Oh, I forget to mention poems.

    I;m a little confused. How many things do you want from any ONE person--ONE item==several?

    One picture one poem one piece of art? What?

  6. The rules are really rather non-existent. If you can fit multiple things in your envelope, feel free.

  7. & If you want, you can send more than one envelope :) Like Naomi said, non-existent rules! Send us whatever you want, as much of it as you want!